We promise to treat your legal problems with compassion

The lawyers and other professionals of POLARIS came together to develop a new law firm with an innovative approach to providing the highest quality service at good value. Each client has a primary, responsible attorney, but all of us, using our extensive, diverse and varied backgrounds, skills and approaches, contribute to all projects. This ensures that clients’ needs are met completely and efficiently, with a human touch.  Clients find us to be their favorite lawyers as well as among their good friends.

At POLARIS, we know that for whatever reason you've come to us for legal assistance, it is among the most important issues of your life.  Your projects, issues or problems are as important to us as they are to you. We promise to treat them with compassion.


We are conveniently located in Longmont, Colorado, part of the greater Denver Metropolitan Area on the Front Range of the Colorado Rockies near Boulder, Fort Collins, and Greeley. This opportune location allows us to extend our outstanding legal services to more clients throughout the Front Range.


We are fluent in Mandarin-Chinese, French, and English.





Samantha Peaslee is an international business and intellectual property law attorney for small- to medium-sized businesses and non-profits. Her practice focuses on entity formation, copyright registration and litigation, trademark registration and litigation, business transactions... 



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Catherine Reynolds is a business and employment lawyer specializing in litigation. Her practice focuses on business formation, business dissolution, and employment. In addition, Catherine is a family law attorney with experience in divorce, child custody, child support, contempt issues, and post-decree issues.



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Luna the DOG



Meet Luna, you might see her around the office when you visit us!


Client Testimonials
--Tina M


Alan and his team were fantastic!  I know it seems informal to use his first name but that is how comfortable my husband and I were working with him.  Due to some personal medical reasons we required a fence along the front of our home to mitigate environmental issues.  Before we found Alan we were at a loss and already felt defeated.  


We were referred to Alan.  He came to our home for a free consultation.  He explained exactly what we would need to do to apply for a variance for a fence, answered our questions fully and completely and was available anytime we had further questions.  At the variance hearing he did an outstanding job of conveying our needs to the board.  


We were granted the variance with the stipulation of recording a covenant to attach to our house deed.  Again, Alan made sure to explain and complete this aspect of the variance stipulation for us.  We felt so relieved to have found Alan and his team and the whole process could not have gone smoother.   

Tina M.

Client Testimonials
--Debbie N

I was referred to Polaris Law firm via Legal Shield. And I was lucky enough to get Samantha to represent me. In addition, she counseled my son (original student loan holder) and eventually she represented him too. She worked at combining our lawsuits that were filled in separate courts from an Investor who bought the Sallie Mae student loan.


Samantha immersed herself in the student loan world and did research to assist us in 'battling' against an investor that preys on people not responding to the lawsuit and getting default judgments in their favor. She was able to make them produce proof of disbursement for the loan, and subsequently negotiated a settlement at the actual loan amount and all interest, attorney and court fees dismissed. We did settle out of court.


Even though we settled out of court and ultimately spent less money, it is unfortunate that some of these settlements and negotiations do not become public record for others to know that it is possible to succeed if you find a good Attorney like Samantha to be on your side. I encouraged her to add to her list of specialties: Student Loan lawsuits, she can help you too! Thank you Samantha.

Client Testimonials
--Melanie L. Thomas, Esq.



Mr. Blakley assisted me with an administrative law matter in 2011.  Not only was he extremely competent, he was thorough, considerate, and aggressive.  


When it came time to appear for and defend against the allegations, the opposing party was taken aback and their previously arrogant and dismissive attitudes were replaced with an undeniable appearance of shock and disbelief that Mr. Blakley was on board.


My adversary had relied upon fear tactics, intimidation, and dismissal of all previously raised challenges. It was clear that they wondered how long Mr. Blakley had been involved and how they were going to proceed now that he was my advocate.  


After close to two years of threats and intimidation, I was able to walk away with everything I contended I earned from day one because Mr. Blakley refused to accept any other resolution.


As an attorney, I feel confident stating that Mr. Blakley is the type of advocate and counselor that embodies the highest ethical standards and practices with the utmost diligence and concern to detail.  His skill set is specific, detailed, and in depth. He is a true advocate for justice.  I would not be where I am today had he not come into my life.

Client Testimonials
--Dave U

Samantha Peaslee and Catherine Reynolds of Polaris Law Group provided legal services to copyright a game I had developed. Subsequently, they organized and directed a case of age and handicap discrimination by an employer. Both cases were legally complex and required a high degree of legal strategy and design to confront the maze of rules and procedures. Both cases required about 2 years to complete and both were very successful. 

Their attention to detail and preparation for future negotiations made all the difference in creating successful outcomes. They thoroughly explained the procedures, strategies, and risks relating to all the variables involved. They kept me thoroughly informed and included me in the process and decision making. I found them to be very competent in negotiating solutions with opposing council and others. In addition, they always educated me about the legal issues and required my participation in all discussions and decisions. And, fortunately for me, the decisions I made were always based on a clear understanding of the facts and the law. This made me feel that I was actually part of the process and that took all of the fear and mystery out of prosecuting the legal cases.

I will always use this law firm as my first choice whenever I have legal issues in Colorado. If you use this law firm to resolve your legal issues, you can relax. You are in very experienced and competent hands!


1715 Iron Horse Drive, Suite 250

Longmont, CO 80501



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