Dispute Resolution and Litigation


Should you find your business in a dispute with a supplier, purchaser, competing business or employee, you need someone helping you who believes in you and is honest and frank about your situation.  You also need someone who realizes that the best solution may be to negotiate a resolution so you can maintain the business relationship.  But if you need to go to arbitration or litigation, the experienced team at POLARIS will represent you and seek the best solution possible for you.

Dispute Resolution



We are a diverse team with different backgrounds that has garnered experience in international law. If you or your business is in a dispute with a foreign component such as negotiations, mediation, arbitration, or litigation, we have the necessary international experience and knowledge to help you resolve your dispute.



We offer legal services, both domestic and international, in most areas of civil litigation, business law (both transactional and litigation), intellectual property law, and real property law. 
Real Estate Transactions



Real estate transactions can be a grueling process. Our knowledge of real estate law will take some of the pressure off of you by overseeing a smooth transaction that serves your interest with a beneficial outcome.

Business Law





The team at POLARIS will help you work through the formalities of setting up a new business, draft and negotiate agreements, and minimize the risk of making mistakes prior companies have made that led to extended court battles. We have experience working with businesses across different industries and are well versed in all types of issues arising out of business law. Businesses require legal services every day, we are here to help.


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International Transactions


It is almost impossible not to have an international component to your business.  Every product purchased or manufactured has multiple components imported from multiple countries.  We can help you with those transactions so that they are simplified and assure that you are protected as much as possible. If you are thinking of expanding your business into the international arena, we will help you maximize your position and protect yourself. Everyone on the POLARIS team have experience with international business transactions and will guide you through the potential pitfalls. 

Other Practice Areas



POLARIS works in various other areas of law.  If you need help, let us know and, if we can’t help you, we’ll help you find someone who can.


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